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-Just your average geeky teenage girl who runs primarily on Nutella and Cheddar Goldfish. Nice to meet you.-

-Hello there! My name is Duece/Hduece/H. (I also respond to any of my OC's names, like Ace or Voltage. :3) Pleased to meet you! -

-Salut! Je m'appelle Duece. Je ne parle pas francais tres bien. Mais, j'adore parler francais, soyez patient, s'il vous plait! ^-^ J'aime dessiner beaucoup :) Je joue au hockey aussi :3

-I started on dA about 3 years ago, and deactivated last year. Even though art still is nowhere near as good as some other people's, I have made a lot of improvement from where I was 3 years ago. I abide by eastern standard time, so please keep this in mind if you need to contact me. Now please enjoy my stamp collection of all the stuff I am a fan of: -

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[PDWMA] Owen O'Malley Application
haha new group :D 
If anyone wants to rp just note me I love him rping

[EDIT 4/2/17] New Art to celebrate Atheneness //dabs

Name: Owen Stark O'Malley
Age: 17  18

Birthday: March 29th 
Gender: Male
Species: Emboar*
Nature: Hardy
Summary Characteristic: Strong Willed



+ Helpful + Trusting + Protective + Good conversationalist +

× Energetic × Worrier × Mechanically Inclined × Planner ×

/ Short Tempered / Sensitive / Judging / Stubborn /

Owen will almost always judge people based off of his first impression of them. He doesn't listen to rumors, or accomplishments, or anything- if he sees you as someone he could get along with, he'll consider you a friend.  Once he sees you as a friend, you stay that way for a long time. He's quick to put his complete trust in people, and is very protective and loyal to those he decides he likes. He is rather opinionated and stubborn, and often won't change his mind once it is made up about something. When interacting in a large group, he tends to somewhat fade into the background, content to let other people do the talking. In One on One interaction, however, it is revealed that he actually has quite a lot to say, and he'll often lead the conversation. Hes pretty energetic, despite possibly seeming subdued at first glance. He talks louder when he gets excited or angry, resulting in him often yelling without even realizing it. Growing up in the shop has made Owen very mechanically inclined. He loves machines of all kinds and is very familiar with how most of them work. This, combined with his love of helping people, makes him a very nice person to have around if something of yours breaks.
Just as Owen is quick to trust, he is also quick to dislike. If he gets a bad first impression from you, it will take a while to convince him you're a friend, if you manage to do it at all. And if you hurt his friends, whether it be physically or emotionally, he will probably never forgive you. He gets very angry, very quickly, sometimes over things that don't really matter to anyone else. He's pretty sensitive to things his friends say and overreacts sometimes, but can bounce back pretty easily with a few kind words. He can be a total mom if something is wrong with anyone, whether its a cold or just a bad day, he would lose his mind if he didn't help. He likes to have everything planned and thinks through the consequences of all of his actions. While this works out well for him most of the time, it can make him over think things and end up making the wrong decision. 


  • Machines

  • Tools (he names them its weird)

  • Fixing things, figuring out problems

  • Helping people

  • City noises

  • Fire

  • His family


  • Thieves

  • English Class (it is his worst subject by a long shot, he has no interest in it)

  • Mashed Potatoes (ew)

  • Rain (Water in general)

  • How he sometimes accidentally sets his shirts on fire


Early Life

    Born and raised in Boston MA, Owen comes from a long line of car mechanics. He had a fairly normal life, and is an only child. His father had him learning about cars and helping in the shop from the young age of 6. While Owen was too young to work on actual cars, he took apart and reassembled about every other thing you could think of- pens, clocks, lights, the toaster, computers- you name it. Once when he was 8, his mother caught him trying to dismantle the stove. His dad let him start helping on the cars when he when he was a bit older than that, and he went straight to the shop after school. He started working there officially as soon as he turned 14, and he worked there happily for nearly two years. But right before he turned 16, something happened. Owen stayed behind to close up the shop one night- his Dad usually did it, but he had something else to attend to- and a thief broke into the shop, not knowing Owen was there. He broke in and came in one of the windows to find a teenager staring at him in fear, a broom in hand that he had been using to sweep. With no other options, the robber pulled a gun on him and shot. Owen covered his face and chest with his hands- and heard the sound of a bullet ricochet off of metal. Looking up, he discovered that his hands had turned into 10 inch long blades. The robber, shocked and scared of this new development, bolted. Owen promptly called the police, then his father. The thief was caught and soon after deemed insane, rambling about "boys with knife hands" and other strange things.

    Neither of Owen’s parents were weapons, and this led to calls to his grandparents. Apparently, his mother's dad and his dad's mom had been weapons , but they had married non-weapons, resulting in both of Owen’s parents carrying the recessive weapon gene without actually being weapons themselves. Owen’s parents were pretty upset to discover that they hadn't been in the loop about a good portion of their parents lives (”Oh, we were young when we did that! And it was supposed to be a secret, dearie, don’t be offended!” his grandmother would say).The two weapon genes had happened to be passed onto Owen. His gifted grandparents visited for an extended period of time to help Owen train as a weapon. His grandfather helped him learn to turn into a weapon at will, and his grandmother (who was a meister) helped him experience being wielded, but their wavelengths didn't meet up, so it was a rather uncomfortable experience for both of them. They called some of their Meister friends to come and try to wield him, but none of them were able to handle it, and Owen was starting to get frustrated with himself for not being able to match wavelengths with anyone. Not satisfied with the rate of his training, his grandparents called the school where they used to attend to see if they would accept him. Two days later, he received a letter in the mail asking him to go to the PDWMA, and decided to do it. He wanted to meet others like him, even if he didn't like being wielded much. And so, with a goodbye to his family and his city, he got on a plane and flew to Death City.

In the DWMA

    Owen was enrolled in the NOT class for a short period of time as he searched for a meister and honed his abilities a bit more. His search for a meister seemed fruitless until he met the mild mannered Octavia Rose. Tavi's quiet, polite and realistic nature were a good balance for Owen's own outgoing, optimistic nature. The pair matched wavelengths fairly easily, to Owen's surprise, since he believed he would never find a suitable meister. Him and Octavia were soon admitted into the EAT class as partners and started going on missions together. Owen also befriended a few other people, including Maxwell Lockheart and Kara Gray. 
    Kara was interesting to Owen. She first caught his attention for being another Emboar. They got to talking at a party and eventually went on a few dates. That relationship quickly crashed and burned, though- Kara's negativity and self depreciating nature quickly wore down Owen's sensitive and naive personality, and they cut it off on not so great terms. They have since returned to somewhat civil terms, although Owen would not refer to her as a friend.
    He didn't really have much time to sulk over Kara because of Pixelle trying to destroy the world and all that (rude). Joining Max's guild was a no-brainer, the variant was one of Owen's best and only friends in the school. The guild, aptly named the Black Cats, all quickly became Owen's closest group of friends. He became a little more than friends with Katy Rose- the two hit it off almost immediately, and Owen was quickly head over heels for her. The gang moved through all of the challenges that Pixelle threw their way and were able to, along with the rest of their school, defeat her. The fights against Pixelle were Owen's first taste at what real combat would be like, and he was glad that the other Cats were there to catch his slack if he made mistakes. 
    After Pixelle, Owen continued to do missions and such with Octavia and his other friends, befriending a Chespin named Charlie and making an enemy of a Larvesta variant named Milk, but he wasn't effected by an event like he had been during the fight against Pixelle until the Black Blood infection. After losing Max, Milk, Octavia, and Katy to the infection, his naive nature was definitely shot to shit. He nearly gave up, and went a little paranoid that he himself had been infected, despite not being bitten. He searched the city for any of his friends or anyone else that he might have a chance of saving. It took him a few days of painstaking searches, but he finally found Katy. He was able to cure her, and that was probably all that kept him from completely losing hope. He returned somewhat to normal when Rose delivered the cure to everyone, but the events definitely made him mature.
    After that hellish event had ended, Owen returned somewhat to normalcy, continuing to go on missions with Tavi, hang out with the Black Cats, and spending a lot of time with Katy. Just over a year since his admittance to the EAT class, his partnership gathered the 99 kishin souls and 1 witch soul and were recognized as Death Scythes. His more mature and mellow soul combined with his experience in resonating has done away with his inability to meet wavelengths with anyone except Octavia, and while fighting with her is still what comes easiest to him. His decision to join Athene was an easy one- he wants to continue to get stronger and fight with the people he cares about. 

Rank: Star! Star! No Star (Athene)

Original Partner: Octavia Rose*
*No longer has a partner because of his ascencion to Athene.

Level: 45

    -Hammer Arm


  • Yes, he does have a Boston accent
  • Before he discovered that he was a weapon, he had planned on enlisting in the army once he graduated
[PDWMA] Excorcise
A tendril of darkness curls up from beneath and lo and behold...a Fluid Demon; it is an Omastar!
A tendril of darkness curls up from beneath and lo and behold...a 
Chimera Demon; it is an Igglybuff(Ledyba Variation)!
//im gonna fix this up all nice later i just need a place to not lose everyone

-Pumpkaboo gal (maybe another group but)
-Jolteon Gal

[PDWMA] Fix It
fix it real good
Collab between me and the lovely ittybittyottertitty who did the lines and owns Chris and Elian!

Amaterasu may be able to fix buildings with a few strokes, but that doesn’t mean she can fixeverything in Death City. Not only does her technique take a lot out of her in her current state, but she could just use some help in general! We’re sure there are still some buildings here and there left to fix after the Black Blood incidents. ((Create a scene where your student is helping repair a part of the community!))
• art: full color/monochromatic/palette, shading and background optional •
• written: 500 words with legible flow •
• RP: 500 words per participant, cleaned with proper formatting •
• 1 Praise •
• $250 •
[PDWMA] IM Mission Dump #1
Ive had this done for weeks lol i just hate fighting with da
Iilyad and the lines were done by Faileh 


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